Making Big Changes


As many of you know, Katie & Company was founded to give our family extra income to pay for adoption expenses. After our son came home, it transitioned into a way for Katie to stay home with our kids, but still provide income and a flexible schedule needed. The past few years, we've grown more than we could imagine. We've had to stop doing custom work, and all mug engraving became wholesale and bulk orders.

As Fusion Mineral Paint sales and wholesale mug sales increased, the flexibility decreased. When 2020 hit, it was all hands on deck to keep up. After a year+ of working 7 days a week and shipping 6 days a week, we realized that we were missing out on important family time. We made the bittersweet decision to transfer all Fusion Mineral Paint sales and inventory to our friends at First & Vine in Spooner, Wisconsin. They will be doing online sales in addition to in-person sales. We are doing everything we can to help make the transition smooth for everyone. They can be found at:

We are continuing to create fun, unique mugs in bulk and wholesale quantities, and are hoping to bring back custom options in the future.

Although we've been a business for 11 years+ (wow!), Fusion Mineral Paint has been a passion of mine since we tried it in January of 2016. I am excited to have the time to paint for fun and try out some beautiful colors Fusion has up their sleeve this summer/fall, as a customer. I'll have the time to spend with my family, be creative, and finish all the projects on our farm!

Thank you so much for your support over the years and as our business has changed in each chapter of our lives.