Product Testing Available

Opening at 8pm tonight, closing at 9 am tomorrow (Thursday). Feedback required w/in 3 days of delivery. If you have any questions, please text my business phone (715-544-5335) or email me at  

These are the same brand as the other mugs & waterbottles I sell, but would like some input on these new products.

For free shipping, use the coupon code: LOCALPICKUP. Even if I have to ship it, use that code 

Tumblers: 2 available free.  Discounted price $12.98 ea.  SRP $22 ea. Colors available: Seafoam, Black, Coral
Free Code: TUMBTEST  Discounted Code:TESTDISC
Available here (under drinkware)


40 oz Waterbottles: 1 available free. Discounted Price: $20.95 SRP: $35.50 ea
Colors available: Black, Mint, Hot Pink
Free Code: 40TEST  Discounted Code: TESTDISC
Available here  (under drinkware)