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We need help!  We would like to increase our store & product offerings, but we have grown so much that I can't keep up with testing the products.  That's where you come in.  We need people to test our products and, in return, give us your honest feedback. Plus you get to keep the item(s).  It's a win/win. And, if you're not local, we'll even ship it to you!

Here's what would be required of you:

1) You need to "like" Katie & Co, LLC on Facebook.

2) You "purchase" your item through our website for free.  It will be hidden from the public, so only those with the link will be able to see it.  It will be limited to a certain number of people, so first come, first serve. 

3) There may be ways to "upgrade" your item, but those will require a minimal fee. Some examples might be increasing the size of a sign, purchasing additional items, etc..  Your cost will be deeply discounted for the upgrade, and will only be available at the same time as the product testing.  You will be responsible for any additional shipping fees.

4) Within 5 days (unless noted on an item), you need to give us your feedback on the item.  We may send out an email or possibly will have a survey/feedback page on our website.  We'll let you know when we get to that point!

5) You must keep all products that you are testing a secret until we finalize each item.  We take our work very seriously and do not wish to have other people and stores steal the items we are trying so hard to perfect.

6) All items are subject to copyright law and we take that VERY seriously.  This means that our designs are legally ours and can/will defend them.  It also means that we will not reproduce copyrighted items in our products. 

That's about it!  Each item will include a reminder of the rules and any updated/changed rules.

If this is something you are interested in, please fill out the information below and we will be contacting you shortly. 

~Katie & Owen

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